Dear Love Lines Friends and Families,

You are cordially invited to attend our annual Holiday celebration!  It is being held at Mancini’s once again this year, on November 27, 2016.

Were you aware that Love Lines has over 26 other centers spread across the World?  Well it is true! There are 26 centers that have taken the Love Lines organizational model and started their own centers to help people who have lost all hope.  I am asking our Love Lines family to please pray over our sister centers.  I have enclosed the prayer requests sent to us from our sister centers.  Damaris, is our Global Missions director and keeps in contact with our world-wide directors.  Once a month she puts together this prayer request sheet and asks us all to pray.  Will you join us in praying for the needs of our sister centers?

Most everyone that I talk to say that the world is getting horrible.  All of the fighting, murders, and hatred that seem to monopolize the news on a daily bases could cause us to lose hope.  But is that really any different from the time when Jesus walked the earth?  Since the beginning of time, man has had a propensity toward hatred and evil.  Brother against brother, children against parents, and even worse, man against God.  Does this mean that we are facing the end times?  

In Matthew chapter 24 Jesus talks about the end times.  If you are curious I would encourage you to take a look at this passage.  We know that God is great and greatly to be praised!  With Him we can see the miracle working power of our loving God and Savior.  WE are experiencing that power every day at Love Lines.  

The counselor on duty this morning had two amazing calls.  The first amazing call was from a woman who was so depressed that she was seriously contemplating suicide.  She was so sad that she saw no hope of ever being happy again.  Our counselor was skillfully able to show her how special she was.  She was able to lead her to the Savior and she accepted Christ, the hope of Glory to come.  The second amazing call that she took was a man that was crying.  He was so upset that he could not talk to her, so our counselor said it is ok to cry and let him cry for about 5 minutes.  The caller said he was unworthy to continue with his life, and he wanted to just end it.  She said “Do you know how special and worthy you are to Jesus?”  She explained to him how much Jesus loved him and had a plan for his life.  She led him through the sinners’ prayer, and after accepting Christ he asked what do I do now?  She then explained to him the importance of reading the Bible, talking to God, and finding a good church in his area.    

According to Numbers 13 and 14 the children of Israel were afraid to enter the promise land because there were giants in the land.  We believe that this ministry is God’s promise land.  It is His ministry and we are His children.  We trust Him to bring into this ministry His chosen people.  We also know however, that we have two giants in this land.  The first is finance and the second is people.  Will you help us slay the giants in our land?

Thank you,
Athena Holmer
Executive Director
Love Lines Crisis Center


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